Photo credit

Copyright information to the photos used

Images of commercial providers are occasionally used to illustrate this government platform.

In the event that the copyright information is not directly indicated together with the respective images, then it is provided below.

  • Professional recognition: Thomas Kunsch
  • Chalk gears on a blackboard (Online application assistant): fotogestoeber
  • Notebook with searchbox (Activities from A to Z):
  • Sticky note with question marks (Help): patpitchaya
  • Paragraph dice (Legal information): fotogestoeber
  • Stack of folders (Registers and data banks): Maksym Yemelyanov
  • Checkboxes (Top 10 administration services): dzakymurad
  • Sticky notes on a window (Societies and organisations): Robert Kneschke
  • Arrows on a street (Administration guide): WoGi
  • Arrow shows a way out of a maze (PSC overview): Ra2 studio